PCMS Integration

PCMS Integration

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intelliSPEC™ is the only mobile software on the market with a direct link into the PCMS platform. intelliSPEC’s PCMS interoperability provides the only “single source” inspection management solution that provides an array of elements to achieve a company’s mechanical integrity initiatives.

Our PCMS integration seamlessly allows the client to:

Create events in PCMS and send to intelliSPEC™ for inspectors to complete

See questions from event window, the event report (damage mechanisms), and all TML’s that can be collected

Attach photos and videos to the event in intelliSPEC™ and send up to PCMS

Attach pictures in PCMS and send to intelliSPEC™. Pictures will be attached to the item created in intelliSPEC™ and stored for the life of the item

Use bulk create tool in PCMS or create individual events to be sent to intelliSPEC™

See previous readings and the short and long rate for TML’s on the form created in intelliSPEC™

Save event/inspection data in intelliSPEC™ for reporting / dashboards to be ran against the data

See the date and previous answers from the most recent event on each damage mechanism in the event report on the form created in intelliSPEC™