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Meet intelliSPEC™

intelliSPEC™ is a cloud-based software that provides a digital view into the field. intelliSPEC™ can operate as a stand-alone platform or communicate with other legacy programs to provide complete accessibility of data, validation of compliance measures, elimination of bottlenecks, reduction in cycle times and increased production through transparency.

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Optimize Work Processes

Optimize work processes, planning, capital projects, turnarounds and maintenance to increase standardization, consistency and productivity by eliminating the inefficiencies and labor intensive elements of manual processes. All of this is delivered through advanced analytics and KPI dashboards to assist in managing budgets and time constraints.

True Visibility & Insight

Only intelliSPEC™ can provide true visibility through a rich enterprise level software solution to deliver powerful insights into your operational data that empowers your entire organization.

intelliSPEC™ can help optimize these areas:

Our Maintenance solutions transform field-related processes across the asset life-cycle enabled by digital technology. With users at the core of our vision, we provide mobility-enabled solutions to manage and execute maintenance-related tasks.

A proven Digital Turnaround solution can help asset owners quickly increase cash to the bottom line and begin their digital journeys. Our solution leverages digital processes during event execution to drive step change improvements.

We transform field operations by providing digital tools to support high frequency work tasks. To digitize operations, we provide mobility-enabled solutions to perform operator-related tasks.

Capital Projects transform field-related processes across Engineering, Procurement & Construction Companies (EPCC) lifecycles, enabled by digital technology. With users at the core of our vision, we provide the tools to manage and execute field tasks.

Compatible with numerous devices: Android, IOS, Windows Mobile

Integrates processes, data and technology to reduce risk and improve decisions at the point of work.

Capture best practices and standardization of processes, enable organizational transformation, support change management and support digital transfer / generational transitions.

IoT Solutions – use standardized templates or configurable templates to meet client specific needs.

What intelliSPEC™ Provides

Cloud-Based Software

Real-time Field Data Collection

Data Integration with Third Party Applications & Legacy Systems Real-time Reporting

Configurable Reporting

Real-time Picture & Video Capture

Digitized Form Manager

Capture Existing Workforce Knowledge

Organized & Secure Record Keeping

Streamline Workflow

Work Process Tracking

Customized Hierarchies

Offline Capabilities

Standardization of Work Processes

Define Key Performance Indicators

RFID, QR, Bar Codes, NFC tagging

Optimizing Legacy Systems

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